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The new remote control is designed to help the blind with their daily entertainment needs. Its shape makes it easy for the blind to operate correctly. Its buttons are in braille. It is small and light, easy to hold and convenient to use. It adjusts the volume by pushing up and down, and the channel by pushing left and right. It can be connected to different models of TV by infrared signal. It's a compact and light device that makes blind people easy to use.

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UNAwheel Mini

UNAwheel Mini is a brand new product, which uniquely combines a sleek minimalistic design with advanced electric motor technology and lighweight patented structure. Unique maneuverability, dual soft suspension, puncture proof tire and powerful motor make driving through city streets comfortable and easy. UNAwheel Mini fits almost all wheelchairs on the worldwide market and brings enjoyment, mobility and independance to anyone on a wheelchair.

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Cady, a smart walking aid handle, helps people who have developed a fear of walking rebuild confidence in themselves and their walking aid. Using calm technology principles, Cady passes rhythmic vibrations through its body at a pace set by the user and their physical therapist. The device helps a user subconsciously maintain a consistent stride while they walk, minimizing the tendency to overthink steps, a primary reason for people with this fear to fall. Its innovative design maximizes functionality and ergonomics as a cane and destigmatizes the symbol of aging through a new chic aesthetic.

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We designed a bathing machine to help the elderly living alone to complete the bathing. Depending on the sitting position automatic bathing assistant machine, the elderly can complete the bathing process independently, reduce the difficulty of independent bathing, and prevent accidents in the process of bathing. This machine implements temperature control and emergency call and rescue device, uses high frequency micro vibration to assist the elderly to take a bath, and has automatic seat to help the elderly to stand.

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Icane is the digital cane designed to assist users who need a second hand to get their destination, especially for those who have vision disorders or suffer from Dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases. The device utilizes AR technology for a navigation system which detects, analyzes, warns objects on the screen to the users.

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Connect Walker

The Connect Walker provides improved navigation and independence for people living with mild cognitive impairment and early stage dementia. Connect Walker, an internet of things enabled IoT product, supports navigation through an easy to use sister application and connected walker design. Connect's auto braking system improves safety while seated through a unique auto braking function. A front facing camera records a visual journey diary to support memory recall and training. A Home button allows immediate navigation to a home address and communication with a care provider or loved one.

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