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Latt, a shopping cart with reduced volume, has a handle on its rear part designed to adjust the height of the basket. This feature does not only keep up the capacity of the cart but also help the elderly as they do not have to bend over to take out products at checkout. On top of that, the modular design is flexible to have various assembly according to the needs of different markets.

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As seen in the picture, Adimlar, is a new approach to the clinical treatment of gait therapy. The designer, Murat Erbas, points that although robotic gait therapy for children gives quite good results, it is limited in terms of social and economic reasons. So, he suggests a new idea for gait therapy as an out-of-clinic; a therapeutic aid tool that is easy to obtain, and belongs to daily life. The main principle of the tool is transmitting the motion energy to the feet for gait. He also claims that this parent-controlled tool is also a motivation for the social life of the child.

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With the Albatross, designers were aiming at helping people suffering from degenerative conditions or hand traumas. The goal was to address those issues in a new way. To achieve this, the designer designed an electric shaver focusing on the way it is held and operated. They incorporated features that significantly reduce stress on the hand while also requiring less dexterity.

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Interesting Recovery

The design combines three training modes - gopher board, screw board and maze board - allowing it to be modular and cater for groups with different hand impairments, especially the elderly. The appearance of the product is de-labelled, and the design language of the buttons is game-oriented. The colours are bright and break the stereotypical image of rehabilitation aids. The product is intended to increase the range of motion of the finger joints, improve fine function, finger alignment, hand coordination and dexterity, as well as to enhance the cognitive abilities of the elderly.

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Klaimber, a person lifting device, is designed to be piece of furniture at home, fusing Scandinavian design with a patented lifting mechanism cleverly hidden in the chair's construct. By its design, Klaimber also works as a regular chair: it becomes an assistive device only when needed, not taking extra space at home or looking like a utilitarian product, which was the design objective.

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Tour is a crutch designed to help users by providing a better forces distribution among the forearm and wrist, giving more support to stand up and sit, and letting the hand free to interact with objects around it. An intuitive, low-cost gyratory system allows shifting the angle between the handle and the forearm support and the rod. The same rotation also serves as assistance to stand up, reducing the effort needed. A band around the forearm complements the system giving the person freedom to hug, open doors, and interact with other objects without the crutch falling.

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