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Saor, translated from Irish meaning free, is an enabling dexterity assistive device created in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The aim of this project was to provide those with dexterity or fine motor skill issues the opportunity to express themselves, feel empowered, gain independence and freedom, and be involved in activities using writing, drawing or painting, by creating a basic yet functional and reliable product that was affordable, accessible and adaptable.

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Imagine spending an entire day sitting in a chair no getting up or relief from being in one position is easier than it sounds. This feeling is something anyone who uses a wheelchair can attest to; while the freedom is fantastic, the design needs a fresh breath of air. This prompted the designers to design a powered wheelchair for utmost comfort and ease of use in varied situations. The resulting blueprint is a balanced combination of postural support, propulsion, portability, stability, and flexibility of use while outdoors.

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Elderly is a good solution to the problem that the elderly cannot hear the sound of TV due to hearing loss when the family is watching TV. The remote control is equipped with a magnetic stereo, and can be placed next to the elderly to become a stereo transmitting sound. It will not disturb the family watching TV, but also allow the elderly and other family members to have a better sound experience. The grooves designed on the TV BOX make it convenient for the elderly to put back and take out the remote control, preventing forgetting and loss.

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It has a structure specifically designed to adjust wheelchairs for people with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities, and can read the dimensions of each part from its on-board distance sensors to create specifications for custom-made wheelchairs and to obtain useful information for adjusting wheelchairs already being ridden by the subject. Wf02 can be adjusted in a wide range of ways to support all the adjustments that a conventional custom-made manual wheelchair has, and one Wf02 can be used for people with mild disabilities as well as people with severe disabilities.

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Infinity is specially designed for people who are not as disabled to use a wheelchair but have difficulty walking long distances, even if they use walkers. The product offers them the choice to use it like an electric rollator or a wheelchair and encourages them to walk and be active for as long as possible. Unlike traditional walkers that require holding and pushing the device, the Infinity walk-chair is equipped with two electric hub motors that allow the user to set the desired walking speed and easily walk even downhill or uphill.

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Easy Socket

Disabled,older,temporary disabled and also healthy people form the basis of this matter.However my target audience was the ones who have lack of their hands,arms,fingers or temporary disabled people,namely those who aren't able to use normal (classic) socket and plug.This socket design into a device which could be used easily by my target audience by using the elbow,edge of the hands,toes, heel, arm like these of my target audience.I tried to make a "Universal Design".

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