Bookshop by One Plus Partnership Limited

One Plus Partnership Limited Creates The Mezzi Master Bookshop Bookshop

One Plus Partnership Limited, the maker of the awarded project Bookshop:Mezzi Master Bookshop by One Plus Partnership Limited explains, Mezzi Master is a 4-storey cultural centre with a book shop and exhibition space. The theme, “staircase”, is <Cropped>

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Laser Eye Protection:metaair by George Palikaras

George Palikaras Shows The Metaair Laser Eye Protection

George Palikaras, the author of the award winning project George Palikaras's metaAIR Laser Eye Protection points out, metaAIR is a new, premium laser-glare protection eyewear, designed as a defensive tool against harmful and dangerous laser stri <Cropped>

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Award Winning Darkside Stool or Side Table

Romulo Teixeira and Cintia Miyahira Spotlights The Darkside Stool or Side Table

Romulo Teixeira and Cintia Miyahira, the thinktank behind the award winning work Award Winning Darkside Stool or Side Table says, The whole idea was taken from the album's cover "Dark side of the moon" of the band Pink Floyd. Using sta <Cropped>

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Simple and Easy Life-Residence by Kenny Wu

Kenny Wu Illustrates The Simple and Easy Life Residence

Kenny Wu, the project leader of the award winning design Award Winning Simple and Easy Life Residence demonstrates, This project is located on the third floor of a newly finished residential building in Northern Taiwan, with an overall design floor a <Cropped>

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Honeycomb by Zheng Yuefei

Zheng Yuefei Reveals The Honeycomb Artistic Installation

Zheng Yuefei, the designer of the displayed design Honeycomb - Artistic Installation by Zheng Yuefei says, Honeycomb's design is a combination of nature, geometry, and data technology. Honeycomb design element is straight lines, while the queen <Cropped>

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Hay%uff01youngbirds%uff01talent Award Asia 2020

Hay!youngbirds!talent Award Asia 2020 Officially Launched! Come and Win Big Cash Prizes and a Trip to Denmark!hay! Youngbirds!is An International Competition Ip and a Design Stage Created Jointly by Danish Contemporary Design Brand Hay, Which Endors

Hay!youngbirds!talent award asia 2020 officially launched! come and win big cash prizes and a trip to denmark!Hay! youngbirds!is an international competition ip and a design stage created jointly by danish contemporary design brand hay, which e <Cropped>

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Lamp:the Light in The Bubble by Andrea Ciappesoni

Andrea Ciappesoni Designs The The Light in The Bubble Lamp

Andrea Ciappesoni, the architect of the displayed design lamp by Andrea Ciappesoni points out, The Light in the Bubble is a modern light bulb in memory of the old filament Edison's bulb light. This is a led light source fitted inside a plexiglas <Cropped>

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Special Edition Porto Barros 100yo by Omdesign

Omdesign Exhibits The Special Edition Porto Barros 100yo Packaging

Omdesign, the architect of the highlighted project Packaging by Omdesign points out, This Porto Barros 100YO numbered edition, developed by Omdesign, is in honour of the 100th anniversary of the prestigious Portuguese Port wine brand. It consists of <Cropped>

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Yang Yide's Play Logic Logical Craft Toy

Yang Yide Portrays The Play Logic Logical Craft Toy

Yang Yide, the designer of the highlighted design logical craft toy by Yang Yide explicates, Design with fusion of traditional craft skill and new technology, blend in Oriental cultural into series work to create new craft furnish style. After a huge <Cropped>

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Grimm Reality by Akshita Chandra

Akshita Chandra Portrays The Grimm Reality Unbound Publication

Akshita Chandra, the creator of the award winning work unbound publication by Akshita Chandra points out, Drawing parallels from the four Grimm’s fairytales such as Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White and Red Riding Hood, the project looks at how the <Cropped>

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