Encircle Speakers by Cody Moore

Cody Moore Demonstrates The Encircle Speakers Portable Surround Sound

Cody Moore, the architect of the displayed project Portable Surround Sound by Cody Moore demonstrates, Modern portable speakers constantly improve in quality, performance, and battery life, however they rarely innovate on their base function. The Enc <Cropped>

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Luggage:arlo Skye by Mauricio Issa

Mauricio Issa Reveals The Arlo Skye Luggage

Mauricio Issa, the lead designer of the highlighted work Mauricio Issa's Arlo Skye Luggage explicates, Founded in 2016, Arlo Skye is a New York-based luggage brand for design-obsessed. The brand launched with a Carry-On is engineered in a lightw <Cropped>

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Lighting Fixture by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Illustrates The Titus Lighting Fixture

The creator of the awarded project Award Winning TITUS Lighting fixture explains, Flush mount lighting fixture. While similar products use all parts encased in a single structure, this unique design which consists of three parts has various advantage <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Kellyone Packaging Design

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Kellyone Packaging Design

The project leader of the displayed design Packaging Design by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, Kellyone is a beverage product produced by Hongsheng Beverage Group, one of the beverage giant in China. The nova innovative drink is dedicated to provide <Cropped>

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Decorative Dishware by Yoshiaki Ito

Yoshiaki Ito Demonstrates The Zogan Decorative Dishware

Yoshiaki Ito, the creator of the award winning project Award Winning Zogan Decorative dishware points out, Zogan Embedded Ware combines traditionally distinct Japanese dishware materials by bonding hardwood with porcelain or enameled stainless steel. <Cropped>

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Biget Steak & Co.-Turkish & Steak Restaurant by Ozhan Hazirlar

Ozhan Hazirlar Discloses The Biget Steak & Co. Turkish & Steak Restaurant

Ozhan Hazirlar, the thinktank behind the awarded project Ozhan Hazirlar's Biget Steak & Co. Turkish & Steak Restaurant spells out, 1-We blended it with the traditional turkish cuisine and the design of the grill culture, the modern kitch <Cropped>

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Bracelet by Jimin Jung

Jimin Jung Discloses The Crustacean Bracelet

Jimin Jung, the creative mind behind the awarded design Crustacean by Jimin Jung demonstrates, This bracelet was inspired by the exoskeletons of crustaceans. The most important part of the design process was to incorporate the natural elements and mo <Cropped>

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Guillermo Fok De Jesus's Errant and Cheval Adaptable Luggage

Guillermo Fok De Jesus Exhibits The Errant and Cheval Adaptable Luggage

Guillermo Fok De Jesus, the project leader of the displayed design errant and cheval by Guillermo Fok De Jesus explicates, Inspired by the evolution of leisure travel after the industrial revolution, errant and cheval pay homage to traditional luggag <Cropped>

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Fiume by Mrsmith Studio

Mrsmith Studio Designs The Fiume Coffee Table

MrSmith Studio, the creative mind behind the displayed project MrSmith Studio's FIUME Coffee table explains, Fiume is a system of coffee tables made in marble. Three different shapes and sizes for the table top and three different hight for the <Cropped>

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Kindergarten Stool:linking Stool by Bruce Tao

Bruce Tao Spotlights The Linking Stool Kindergarten Stool

Bruce Tao, the lead designer of the award winning project Award Winning Linking Stool kindergarten stool spells out, The children in the kindergarten can touch the collective life since childhood, and this place is the happy world of children. Linkin <Cropped>

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