End Table by Nils Finne

Nils Finne Shares The Tind End Table End Table

Nils Finne, the maker of the displayed design End Table by Nils Finne explicates, The TIND End Table is a small, eco-friendly table with a strong visual presence. The recycled steel top has been waterjet-cut with an intricate pattern that creates viv <Cropped>

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Notebook Calendar:my Book by Emilija Uzukauskiene

Emilija Uzukauskiene Portrays The My Book Notebook Calendar

Emilija Uzukauskiene, the thinktank behind the displayed work Notebook Calendar:MY BOOK by Emilija Uzukauskiene points out, "My Book" calendar is much more than a mere calendar. It’s the year-end present that has become a traditional must <Cropped>

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Public Relations Activities by Naoyuki Fukumoto

Naoyuki Fukumoto Exhibits The Space, Art & Human Body Public Relations Activities

Naoyuki Fukumoto, the author of the awarded design Naoyuki Fukumoto's Space, Art & Human Body Public Relations Activities says, In this design, Da Vinci's overlapping images of Vitruvian human figure and Astronaut taking similar poses. <Cropped>

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Vista Ey2t-Motorized Biometric Id Device by Chris Dopp & Travis Baldwin

Chris Dopp & Travis Baldwin Shows The Vista Ey2t Motorized Biometric Id Device

Chris Dopp & Travis Baldwin, the lead designer of the highlighted work Vista EY2T by Chris Dopp & Travis Baldwin explains, The EY2T is an automatically rotating biometric camera for face and iris recognition. It scans the field of view for fa <Cropped>

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Waves Entropy-Digital Art by Marta Moretto

Marta Moretto Portrays The Waves Entropy Digital Art

Marta Moretto , the author of the displayed work Digital Art by Marta Moretto illustrates, Who has never given a moment listening to the waves of the sea? Waves is a work that tries to give sense to the story of himself and his inner life. In its ela <Cropped>

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Award Winning Yalda Multifunctional Brooch

Ghazaleh Hajibabaiy Creates The Yalda Multifunctional Brooch

Ghazaleh Hajibabaiy , the architect of the highlighted project Yalda by Ghazaleh Hajibabaiy points out, Yalda is the name of Iranian ancient ceremony which gets its antiquity from Achaemenid. It resembles Easter somehow. Iranians celebrate the arriva <Cropped>

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Shisha, Hookah, Nargile by Jakub Lanca

Jakub Lanca Shows The Meduse Experience Shisha, Hookah, Nargile

Jakub Lanca, the project leader of the award winning work Shisha, Hookah, Nargile:Meduse Experience by Jakub Lanca demonstrates, Organic lines inspired by underwater sea life. A shisha pipe like a mysterious animal getting alive with every inhalation <Cropped>

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Hairdressing Salon by Idea Architecture

Idea Architecture Designs The Salon Muzo Hairdressing Salon

Idea Architecture, the designer of the displayed project Idea Architecture's Salon Muzo Hairdressing Salon illustrates, Salon Muzo is one of our customer and this Project is the 3rd Project with the same customer. Coiffeur projects is the specia <Cropped>

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Bendable Bt Speaker by Hyungju Do and Jihye Lee

Hyungju Do and Jihye Lee Portrays The Beats Tag Bendable Bt Speaker

Hyungju Do and Jihye Lee, the author of the displayed design Bendable BT speaker by Hyungju Do and Jihye Lee explicates, No stress, No hassle for music. It started from basic geometry form, behavior listening to music. Therefore speakers need to adap <Cropped>

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Wish You Were Here-Anniversary Tribute Video by Mateus De Paula; Loic Francois Dubois

Mateus De Paula; Loic Francois Dubois Spotlights The Wish You Were Here Anniversary Tribute Video

Mateus de Paula; Loic Francois Dubois, the maker of the awarded design Anniversary Tribute Video by Mateus de Paula; Loic Francois Dubois says, D&AD celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of its annual design and advertising awards. Since Lobo had j <Cropped>

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