Yu Ching Jiun's Social Fun Residential House

Yu Ching Jiun Presents The Social Fun Residential House

Yu Ching Jiun, the creator of the displayed project residential house by Yu Ching Jiun demonstrates, Social interaction starts with dining, which is closely related to life. Through the integration of multiple layers define different life dimensions <Cropped>

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Parking Space:shared P by Industrial Design College-Lafa

Industrial Design College-Lafa Exhibits The Shared P Parking Space

Industrial Design College - LAFA, the designer of the awarded project Shared P - Parking Space by Industrial Design College - LAFA demonstrates, Shared P, which makes personal parking space can earn some parking fee when it is unoccupied so that the <Cropped>

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Warm Sheath-Umbrella Sheath by Liaoning Shihua University

Liaoning Shihua University Designs The Warm Sheath Umbrella Sheath

Liaoning Shihua University, the designer of the highlighted work Award Winning warm Sheath Umbrella Sheath illustrates, The design is used for protect people’s hands from freeze in cold weather. The design inspiration from cabbage, Cabbage is wra <Cropped>

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2016 Calendar by E-Graphics Communications

E-Graphics Communications Discloses The Nissan×teppei Hayakawa 2016 Calendar

E-graphics communications, the project leader of the highlighted work Nissan×Teppei Hayakawa - 2016 Calendar by E-graphics communications spells out, A collaboration work with an up-and-coming artist is used for the Nissan calendar every year an <Cropped>

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Sylvia Jielu Zhang's Heart of Young Grass Earring

Sylvia Jielu Zhang Reveals The Heart of Young Grass Earring

Sylvia Jielu Zhang, the designer of the award winning project Earring by Sylvia Jielu Zhang says, This earring is designed for all mothers and daughters. The inspiration comes from an ancient poetry about farewell, in which children are the young gra <Cropped>

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Residential House:mature Man’s Private Space by Mick Space Interior Design Co. Ltd

Mick Space Interior Design Co. Ltd. Shares The Mature Man’s Private Space Residential House

Mick Space Interior Design Co. Ltd., the lead designer of the award winning design Mature Man’s Private Space - Residential House by Mick Space Interior Design Co. Ltd. spells out, This residential spatial planning design project transformed the do <Cropped>

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Solaris by Alexander Kirzhbaum

Alexander Kirzhbaum Demonstrates The Solaris Visual Identity

Alexander Kirzhbaum, the architect of the awarded design Solaris by Alexander Kirzhbaum says, Solaris is a cosmic exhibition place with installations which make the visitor feel like he or she has entered the outer space. The transferal to distant ga <Cropped>

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Eva-Basin Furniture by Iñaki Leite

Iñaki Leite Creates The Eva Basin Furniture

iñaki leite, the creative mind behind the displayed work Basin furniture by iñaki leite points out, The inspiration of the designer came from the minimal design and for using it as a quiet but refreshing feature into the bathroom space. It emerge <Cropped>

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Ready For Santorini-Fashion Design by Lissa Yeon Yi Koo

Lissa Yeon Yi Koo Presents The Ready For Santorini Fashion Design

Lissa Yeon Yi Koo, the maker of the displayed design Fashion Design:Ready for Santorini by Lissa Yeon Yi Koo points out, With a work that looked very challenging, Designer, Lissa Yeon Yi Koo tried to make this collection fun by using fabrics of bot <Cropped>

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Residential Space:linkou Z House by Beingdesign

Beingdesign Shows The Linkou Z House Residential Space

BeingDesign, the maker of the award winning design Linkou Z House - residential space by BeingDesign spells out, The overall space is designed in x and y axis with each axial dimension connecting to different relation - the x axis depicts the interac <Cropped>

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